“XËYU NDAW ÑI”: 6,561 young people trained in road safety in 2022 (director 3fpt)

(APS) – A total of 6,561 young people were trained in road safety techniques in 2022 under the “XËYU NDAW ÑI” program, the director general of the Vocational and Technical Training Financing Fund said on Monday. (3FPT), Sophie Diallo.

“Six thousand five hundred sixty-one (6561) young people were trained in road safety techniques in 2022 as part of the ‘XËYU NDAW ÑI’ program out of a target of 20,000 young people,” said Ms. Diallo.

She was speaking on the sidelines of a workshop to share the modalities for implementing the 2023 Road Safety Training Program in the presence of the Director of the National Road Safety Agency (ANASER), Cheikh Omar Gaye, main technical partner . Several members of the Association of Monitors and Self-employed Senegalese (AMAES) took part in this workshop.

”We could have achieved all this number in 2022 but there was a bit of a lack of coordination between the players. This is what we wanted to make up for this year so as not to suffer the same previous difficulties,” she added, adding that this workshop wants to share with these instructors ”the innovations to be made for this year”.

A platform intended to allow driving schools to have visibility on the question of the processing of their invoices but also in terms of the care of these young people was presented during this workshop to the instructors.

The director of 3FPT welcomed the implementation of this training program which, according to her, makes it possible to contribute to the productivity and competitiveness of these driving schools, especially since some have been able to buy new vehicles.

She underlined the need to strengthen the offer of quality training so that these young people go out with a driving license but that they are also ”road safety ambassadors”.

The director of the National Road Safety Agency (ANASER), Cheikh Omar Gaye, has promised to continue the “super important” collaboration with the 3FPT. “(…) Road safety, according to him, goes beyond driving school, hence the need to start it at a young age”, calling on the actors to insist on awareness-raising, education, improvement of the road infrastructure among others.

For his part, the president of the Association of Monitors and Self-Employees of Senegal (AMAES), Alioune Badara Daffé said he was satisfied with the intense moments of sharing and readjustment on certain odds noted last year and hopes to start the year 2023 under “good auspices”.

”It’s not just the training that’s important but rather the results of the training and we’re going to tackle that. These oddities detected last year will be erased forever by the AMAES that I lead,” added Mr. Daffé.


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