DRC: Transco puts 100 new buses on the road in Kinshasa, in the face of transport difficulties

The country has been facing a fuel shortage since last September 5. In order to help the population to face the transport difficulties linked to this situation, the government has decided to put 100 new buses in circulation in the capital Kinshasa.


This decision to reinforce the fleet of the public company of public transport (Transco) was made public on Wednesday, September 07, 2022, last

by the minister of hydrocarbons, Didier Budimbu.


“TRANSCO aligns 160 buses in Kinshasa. But with the measures which were taken by the Government, from this Thursday, TRANSCO will make available 260 buses. Thus, there are 100 buses more which are added to alleviate the difficulty of transport”, declared the minister during a communication to the national Television.


This urgent intervention of TRANSCO, comes at the right time to relieve the population of Kinshasa who have to face long queues in front of the gas stations and the soaring prices of transport by cab or motorcycle cab.

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