2nd AfDB Transport Forum: Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, September 18-19, 2024 “Accelerating the Development of Resilient Infrastructure in Africa”

Logis-T Africa – The African Development Bank (AfDB) announces the開催 of the 2nd AfDB Transport Forum (ATF) from September 18-19, 2024 in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, under the theme “Accelerating the Development of Resilient Infrastructure in Africa”.

This two-day forum will bring together transport sector leaders and experts for high-level discussions, presentations, and sharing of experiences and best practices. The main objective is to highlight the emerging challenges in the transport sector in Africa and to find sustainable solutions to improve the continent’s resilience and independence.

Background and Challenges of the Forum

Africa’s population is expected to double to 2.5 billion by 2050, and the continent’s economic output is expected to triple by 2040. This rapid growth, coupled with urbanization, industrialization, and increased international trade, will lead to a growing demand for transport at all levels: urban, rural, and regional.

According to the Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa (PIDA), transport infrastructure and services will need to meet a 6- to 8-fold increase in traffic, with even greater needs in landlocked countries. Faced with these challenges, the African Development Bank considers the transport sector to be crucial for promoting inclusive growth and prosperity in Africa.

Objectives of the Forum

The 2nd AfDB Transport Forum aims to:

  • Strengthen dialogue and collaboration among transport sector stakeholders in Africa
  • Share experiences and best practices in resilient infrastructure development
  • Identify emerging challenges and opportunities in the transport sector
  • Explore sustainable solutions to improve the connectivity and resilience of transport infrastructure in Africa
  • Promote policies and investments conducive to the development of sustainable and resilient transport infrastructure

The forum will be structured around two thematic days:

Day 1: Consolidating Diagnostics and Examining Logistics Links

  • Assessing Africa’s transport infrastructure needs by 2050
  • Analyzing the specific challenges and opportunities for each transport sub-sector
  • Examining key logistics links in African trade
  • Identifying investment priorities for resilient infrastructure development

Day 2: Sustainable Solutions and Asset Management Optimization

  • Exploring sustainable transport solutions to improve resilience and independence
  • Discussions on asset management optimization, infrastructure maintenance, cost recovery, and access to finance at national and sub-national levels
  • Presentation of innovative projects and initiatives in resilient infrastructure development
  • Formulating recommendations for future policies and investments

The 2nd AfDB Transport Forum promises to be an essential platform for dialogue and collaboration among transport sector stakeholders in Africa. The discussions and conclusions of the forum will help guide future policies and investments in transport infrastructure, with a view to promoting inclusive, sustainable, and resilient economic growth on the African continent.

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