Press Release : New customers announced by Egyptian digital logistics startup Khazenly

Baraka Group, Arrow Food Trading and Magma Sportswear among the new customers

  • Multiple industry-leading merchants participate in exclusive event at Sultan Hussein Kamel Palace,
  • The Company hopes to grow the number of merchant customers by six times in the next 12 months

Cairo, Egypt: Khazenly, the Cairo-based on-demand digital warehousing and fulfillment platform, announcing multiple new merchant customers at an exclusive event held at Sultan Hussein Kamel Palace in Heliopolis.

Khazenly is becoming the partner of choice for a rapidly growing number of merchants for some of Egypt’s most exciting companies across diverse industries including apparel and clothing, electronics, home accessories and FMCG. Joining previously announced customers Mozare3 and Egypt’s largest distributor of Apple products XPRS by Tradeline, are Baraka Group – distributor of New Balance, Inglot cosmetics, Athlete’s, Mellow, Baraka Optics, and Naturalizer brands; Arrow Food Trading – distributor of Nespresso; Count on Me Pets by Dana Hamdan; Magma sportswear brand, as well as Breath and Warped Jeans local specialized e-commerce growing brands.

Since inception in 2021, Khazenly has handled an 8 digit-figure of Gross Merchandise Value, and its fully-digitized platform supports clients on 28,000 self-service activities. Via its simple and transparent subscription-based packages, Khazenly’s platform is a one-stop-shop for the full spectrum of fulfillment services, from warehousing, to cross-docking, transportation, delivery, and cash collection services. Additionally, Khazenly’s technology and fulfillment platform are designed to improve success rate and decrease returns pain for e-commerce merchants.

Mohamed Younes, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, commented: “We are thrilled to count on the presence of so many of our existing valued partners today and welcome all of our new merchant customers. We are delighted to see the rapid adoption of the Khazenly platform by merchants across the country as testimony to our advanced technology platform, experienced team and network of market-leading partners – as we continue to lead the digitalization of logistics and fulfillment services.

At Khazenly, we are committed to optimizing merchants’ businesses and helping them to grow and scale, delivering exceptional Omni-channel fulfillment experience while shaping the future of e-commerce in Egypt. We look forward to continuing to grow our merchant network across Egypt, which we hope to grow by six times over the next 12 months.”

The event brought together new and existing merchants to hear from Khazenly CEO and co-founder, Mohamed Younes, on the future of e-commerce in Egypt and the Middle East, as well as a panel discussion with merchants to discuss retail and supply chain challenges across different industries. Customers at the event also gave testimonies to their successful partnership with the digital logistics startup, from experiential retail to omni-channel fulfillment.

Arrow Food Trading revealed Nespresso’s deliveries to customers have significantly reduced to under two hours since adopting Khazenly’s technology.

Tawfiq Fayyad, Managing Director at Arrow Food Trading, commented: “We’re thrilled with our collaboration with Khazenly. It has been very fruitful for both parties. Khazenly’s tech savvy background as well as their sophisticated software system was the driving factor behind a project that would augment Arrow Food Trading’s-Nespresso exclusive distributor-logistics chain.

“This collaboration gave birth to the “floating store” project which aims to uplift customer satisfaction levels as well as convenience.  The idea was to maximize the efficiency of the delivery service from two days to two hours. The project is currently in beta phase in order to filter out potential bugs and operational glitches that could affect the process. All in all, we are optimistic that this is only the stepping stone towards a more solid consumer-centric approach.”

Ahmed Ragab, CEO of Baraka Group testified that Khazenly technology is fueling the digital transformation across all family brands; from New Balance and Athlete global fashion and apparel brands to home-grown brands such as Mellow, allowing for a smooth penetration of leadership into the e-commerce world.

And Dana Hemdan testified that through Khazenly’s growth merchant program Count on Me Pets has already increased its sales volume by six times in less than one month.

Khazenly recently announced a $2.5 million seed fund raise co-led by leading regional venture capitalists Arzan Venture Capital and Shorooq Partners. Proceeds will be used to develop Khazenly’s products and services, and quadruple its existing facilities. Geographical expansion will also be supported as Khazenly continues its rapid growth trajectory during 2022.

About Khazenly

Khazenly is the on-demand digital warehousing and fulfillment management platform shaping the future of e-Commerce in Egypt with its convenient, affordable and transparent omni-channel solution to help merchants grow their businesses and supercharge the digitalization of their fulfillment processes.

Via its simple and transparent subscription-based packages, Khazenly’s fully-digitized platform is a one-stop-shop solution for the full spectrum of fulfillment services, from warehousing, to cross-docking, transportation, delivery, and cash collection services.

Founded in Cairo in mid-2021, the company already provides its fully-digitized fulfillment services to leading brands from a wide range of industries – from apparel and clothing, to electronics, home accessories and FMCG – such as Baraka group, XRPS by Tradeline and Mozare3. Since inception, Khazenly has handled an 8 digit-figure of Gross Merchandise Value, with its platform supports clients on 16,000+ self-service activities.

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