Senegal: The Great Trains of Senegal (Gts-Sa), to use the Indian experience to revive rail transport

On a visit to India last week, the General Manager of GTS-SA, Mr. Samba NDIAYE, signed in the presence of Mr. Mayacine Camara, Secretary of State in charge of the Railway Network, a partnership agreement with the Executive Director of the RITES-LTD Company, a subsidiary of Indian Railways.

This partnership aims to benefit from the expertise of India, a country where rail transport is widely used as a means of public transport, for the effective revival of rail transport in Senegal.

“The MoU with Grands Trains DU, Senegal, will pave the path towards export of new technologies and training practices as we continue to leverage our consulting and technical expertise across the world. We believe that the steady supply of high-quality locomotives, coaches, wagons, DEMUs, and other equipment will unlock the potential of railway excellence in Senegal.” said RITES Ltd. executive director (regional projects) Sanjay Agarwal, in a statement from the Indian company.

This signing, now enables a « technical cooperation in the fields of rail transportation, supply of rolling stock, railway infrastructure development, including dedicated freight corridors and passenger stations, modernization of workshops, IT solutions for railway operations, and upgradation of signalling, telecommunication, and rail monitoring systems,” we learn in the same release, which also states that « The MoU also facilitates RITES to offer its services for the operation and maintenance of the railway network and sidings. ”


Recall that RITES Ltd is the supplier that has delivered to GTS-SA, almost all of its fleet of trains, of which the 4 most recent, called The Reversibles, were delivered in 2012 according to an article published on the website of the Senegalese company.

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