Senegal : Macky Sall announces a project to improve the Bissau-Dakar corridor

Goudomp (Sédhiou), March 3 (APS) – Senegal and Guinea-Bissau have started a project to improve the corridor linking their two capitals, in connection with the program to open up Casamance and the Sédhiou region in particular , said Thursday, the head of state, Macky Sall.


“In the spirit of good neighborliness and African integration, we have embarked with the sister Republic of Guinea-Bissau on the project to improve the Bissau-Dakar corridor supported by the African Development Bank,” he said. he says.

The Head of State chaired, in Goudomp, the launch of an infrastructure package in this part of the Sédhiou region, in particular within the framework of the implementation of the city modernization program (Promovilles).

According to Macky Sall, this program concerns the maintenance of the Faring-Tanaff-Sandinieri road, over a linear distance of forty-nine kilometers, twenty-six of which are on national territory.

It also includes “fifty-eight kilometers of tracks and 4.5 km of road with solar lighting in Goudomp and Tanaff, in Baghère, with a bus station and ten boreholes”.

The rehabilitation of a health post is also planned as part of this project, which is part of a number of initiatives aimed at opening up the Goudomp department and the Sédhiou region in general.

These works concern the left bank of the Pakao, in particular the Sandinéri-Karantaba axis, which leads to Saré Yoba in particular and includes the Colibantang-Saré Téning axis.


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