Congo: Successful Negotiations Bring an End to Public Transportation Strike

LogisT-Africa – Scheduled to begin this Monday, March 11, 2024, the 3-day strike notice launched on March 4 across the entire Congolese territory by the Syndicate of Public Transport Carriers of Congo (STCCC) has ultimately been suspended.

This suspension, announced through a press release by the STCCC, follows successful negotiations with the government, resulting in the fulfillment of all their demands, including:

  1. Suspension of Public Transport Permits (ATP): The government has agreed to temporarily halt the issuance of Public Transport Permits.
  2. Free Provisional Vehicle Registration: Provisional vehicle registration cards will now be provided free of charge to transport operators.
  3. Free Provisional Driver’s Licenses: Transporters will benefit from a temporary waiver of fees for provisional driver’s licenses.
  4. Suspension of Road Safety Levy: The government has agreed to suspend the road safety levy during the negotiation period.
  5. Suspension of the 3rd License Plate: Transport vehicles will not be required to display a third license plate for the time being.
  6. Reduced Renewal Fee for Driver’s Licenses: The renewal fee for driver’s licenses has been reduced from 56,000 F to 35,000 F.

It is worth noting that further discussions will take place in commission with the Republic’s government to negotiate other taxes and fees. With all their demands met, the transportation strike is officially suspended, bringing relief to commuters and a resolution to the longstanding issues between the transport unions and the government.

This marks a significant development in the transportation sector, emphasizing the effectiveness of dialogue and negotiations in addressing the concerns of both parties. As the wheels of public transportation start turning again, it is hoped that this resolution sets a positive precedent for future engagements between workers and the government.


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