Cross-channel refers to a supply chain management strategy that aims to integrate different distribution channels to provide a consistent and optimal shopping experience for customers. This approach consists of using different sales channels, such as physical stores, websites, social networks and mobile applications, to offer a seamless and fluid service.

In logistics, cross-channel involves close coordination between the different distribution channels to optimize inventory management, order preparation and delivery processes, while ensuring a satisfactory customer experience. This strategy helps to meet consumer expectations of being able to buy and pick up products when and where they want, while ensuring optimal profitability for the company.

Let’s take the example of a clothing company that offers its customers different distribution channels: physical stores, an online sales website and a mobile application. With a cross-channel strategy, this company can offer a seamless shopping experience to its customers, regardless of the channel they choose to make their purchase.

For example, a customer can browse the website to find the products they are interested in, then go to the store to try on the clothes before finalizing their purchase online. They can also order online and choose to pick up their order in store or have it delivered to their home. The company must therefore be able to efficiently manage inventory so that products are available regardless of the sales channel used, and ensure efficient logistics to guarantee fast and reliable delivery.


Another example would be a retail company that uses cross-channel to offer its customers a complete shopping experience. It can offer services such as online ordering with in-store pickup, home delivery or the ability to return products purchased online to the store. In this way, customers can choose the sales channel that best suits their needs and preferences, while benefiting from a quality service. For the company, the cross-channel approach allows to maximize sales and build customer loyalty by offering them an optimal shopping experience.

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