SENEGAL-RAILS-RELANCE / Revival of the railways: rehabilitation works delivered in December, assures Mansour Faye

(APS) – The rehabilitation works of the country’s railways, 60 to 70% executed, will be delivered in December 2023, announced Thursday the Minister of Infrastructure, Land Transport and Opening up, Mansour Faye.

“We are sure that eventually in December 2023, according to the contractual deadlines, the freight train will run, either at the end of December or at the beginning of January (2024)”, said Mansour Faye.

He was visiting the railway rehabilitation sites, aboard one of the three locomotives received, which he took at Pout bound for Diourbel, making a stopover at the Thiès station.

Rehabilitation work on the wagons and rails is underway, said Mansour Faye, saying he hoped that everything would be received “by the due date”.

According to the Minister, the works concern eight lines for a distance of 2,000 kilometers. The Dakar-Tamba line, via Thiès remains a priority, even if other destinations such as Mékhé and Tivaouane are planned. The Senegal Railways (CFS) and the Grands Trains du Senegal (GTS) are working on it, he said.

The use of the train for the transport of passengers, during the next Magal, is not to be excluded, suggested Mansour Faye, noting that the CFS are working to ensure that the use of the passenger train is experienced, on certain portions, but within the safety rules.

After the end of the works in December 2023, the freight train will immediately resume service, before the resumption of the passenger train between Dakar and Tambacounda.

“Since the President of the Republic launched, during the territorialized Council of Ministers of Thiès, the rehabilitation works of the Dakar-Tamba line, a lot of steps have been taken”, noted the official.

During the Thiès Council of Ministers, the President of the Republic had provided answers to the concerns of railway workers, recalled Mansour Faye. He announced that the Ballabey estate will be “definitively assigned” to the rights holders, adding that the process will be completed “in a few days”.

“The work has been done and the beneficiaries will receive their titles”, assured the Minister of Infrastructure, Land Transport and Accessibility.

The staff was entirely donated to CFS

“The railway rehabilitation process is going beyond our expectations,” said Babacar Guèye, on behalf of the railway workers of Thiès.

He hailed the state’s efforts to maintain the workers of the former DBF and Transrail in “acceptable conditions” until their integration into the new CFS company.



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