SENEGAL-INFRASTRUCTURES-TRANSPORTS / Dandé Maayo South road: the Governor of Matam satisfied with the progress of the works

Gangel Soulé (Kanel), June 8 (APS) – The governor of the Matam region, Mouhamadou Moctar Watt, said he was satisfied with the progress of work on the Dandé Maayo Sud road, linking Matam-Nawel-Gassambéry- Waoundé and Dembancané in the departments of Matam and Kanel.

”We are satisfied with the progress of construction work on the Dandé Maayo Sud road, which officially started last February. But, since last year, the company in charge of the work was already on the ground to anticipate and save time on the deadlines,” he said.

The administrative authority intervened at the end of a site visit carried out on Wednesday in the company of Ageroute, the CSE, local elected officials and leaders of the emerging Dandé Maayo movement.

According to him, the fears concerning a delay in the execution deadlines have been lifted, because “on the ground, the earthworks are clearly visible due to the anticipation of the company in charge of the works”.

Regarding the quality of deviations, the governor maintained that the CSE has taken the necessary measures to deal with the consequences linked to wintering.

“On this point, the CSE has given assurances with the permanent presence of the workers. Once there are problems during the rainy season, they will react very quickly and find solutions to any problems. It is the same answer that we give for the third fear in the event of a cut in the runway,” said Mr. Watt.

For his part, Boubacar Fofana, the project manager suggested that the work is continuing with the first 50 km, specifying that the transverse sanitation works are being carried out with a very acceptable level of progress.

This section is 130 km long for an amount of 115 billion CFA francs.

According to Boubacar Fofana, the work will last 36 months.

This road will cross several villages of the two departments including Ngano, Nawel, Odobéré, Gouriki, Barmathial, Gangel Soulé, Bow, Horndoldé, Thially, Thiempeng among others.


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