Guinean Government Seeks Moroccan Expertise to Establish National Airline “Air Guinée”

(Logis-T Africa) The Guinean government has taken a significant step towards establishing a new national airline, “Air Guinée,” by seeking the expertise of Morocco, a leading player in the African aviation sector.

During a recent visit to Morocco, Guinean Transport Minister Ousmane Gaoual Diallo held discussions with his Moroccan counterpart, Mohamed Abdeljalil, to explore avenues for strengthening bilateral cooperation, particularly in the field of air transport.

“The meeting provided an opportunity to examine ways to benefit from Moroccan experience in the maritime and rail transport sectors. In addition, the two officials also shared their expertise in the field of aviation. Guinea expressed its interest in drawing on Moroccan expertise in the field of air transport to establish its national airline, Air Guinée,” stated a note from the Moroccan Ministry of Transport and Logistics.

The document further noted that “in this context, Mohamed Abdeljalil affirmed Morocco’s willingness to develop transport infrastructure for wealth creation, in line with the vision of HM King Mohammed VI regarding the Kingdom’s Atlantic Initiative.”

Beyond air transport, Conakry and Rabat also intend to collaborate in the maritime and rail transport sectors. A multidisciplinary working team is expected to be established to develop an action plan for implementing the signed agreements and ensuring the deployment of the recommendations from this meeting.

Ousmane Gaoual Diallo held a series of meetings with Moroccan transport officials, including representatives from the National Office of Railways (ONCF), the National Office of Airports (ONDA), and Royal Air Maroc (RAM). The aim was to gain insights into Morocco’s experience in these domains.

The establishment of Air Guinée is a key ambition of the Guinean Transitional Government, aiming to enhance the country’s connectivity and promote economic development. Morocco’s expertise and experience in the aviation sector are seen as valuable assets in supporting this endeavor.

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