Comoros Inaugurates Key Development Road with Support from the African Development Bank

The Union of Comoros has reached a major milestone in its infrastructure development with the inauguration of a strategic national road. On July 5, 2024, on the eve of the country’s 49th independence anniversary, President Azali Assoumani and Akinwumi Adesina, President of the African Development Bank Group, officially opened a 49.2-kilometer section of National Road 2 (RN2).

This vital artery, connecting the capital Moroni to the Foumbouni region in the southeast of the main island, represents a $30 million investment entirely funded by the African Development Bank. It promises to transform connectivity and stimulate the country’s economy.

President Assoumani expressed his gratitude towards the African Development Bank, stating: “We are permanent partners. It is thanks to the African Development Bank and the intervention of its president, my dear brother, Akinwumi Adesina, that we have built this road. We must continue to thank him and encourage him.”

The expected benefits of this road are substantial. According to projections, it will increase the average annual daily traffic by 27%, reduce vehicle operating costs by 30% for light vehicles and 33% for heavy goods vehicles, while halving the average travel time.

Mr. Adesina highlighted the strategic importance of this project: “This road will have a considerable impact on people’s lives. It plays an essential role in opening up areas with strong economic potential for agriculture and tourism. It’s the only access road to the popular tourist towns of Ouroveni and Male.”

The project goes beyond mere road infrastructure. It encompasses initiatives for women and youth empowerment, job creation, and institutional capacity building. Mr. Adesina even suggested renaming this road “The Road of Hope,” emphasizing its transformative potential.

The African Development Bank does not plan to stop there. Mr. Adesina announced an even more ambitious project to come: “The Bank’s Board of Directors will examine, in July, a $136 million project (in the form of grants) to help Comoros achieve greater regional connectivity.” This project will include the rehabilitation and extension of the port of Moroni, the extension of the port of Boingoma, the establishment of economic zones, and support for trade facilitation.

“This project will be the largest project ever supported by the African Development Bank in the history of its partnership with Comoros,” added Mr. Adesina.

This inauguration marks a crucial step in the development of Comoros, illustrating the importance of international partnerships in the realization of transformative infrastructure projects. As the country celebrates its independence, this new road paves the way for a more connected and prosperous future for the archipelago.

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