Cameroon: Launch of “CT-VERIF”, a digital platform to fight against false certificates of technical inspection

(LogisT-Africa) The Cameroonian Minister of Transport, Jean Ernest Masséna Ngalle Bibehe, announced on March 27, 2023 through a press release, the launch of “CT-VERIF”, a digital platform to verify the validity and authenticity of technical inspections of vehicles.

Easy to access, this platform offers the possibility to check the authenticity of the roadworthiness certificates in just a few clicks. You only have to follow this link and enter the license plate number of the vehicle.

This platform “will now be used not only by the various teams in charge of roadside inspections, but also by insurance companies and wherever the presentation of a certificate of technical inspection is required,” said the Minister in the said statement.

Since 2020, the government had started to fight against fraud related to technical inspection certificates, by introducing a new and more secured technical inspection certificate. The “CT-VERIF” completes the arsenal of the Minister of Transport to effectively fight against road accidents related to the poor technical condition of vehicles that circulate without or with false certificates of technical inspection. Indeed, official statistics had revealed that 20% of road traffic accidents in Cameroon are caused by the technical condition of vehicles.

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