Morocco : Logistics Gets a Boost in Kenitra with Oulad Bourahma’s 44.5-Hectare Platform

A major new project is underway in Kenitra, aimed at strengthening the region’s logistics infrastructure. The Moroccan Agency for Logistics Development (AMDL) is planning to create a large-scale logistics platform on a 44.5-hectare site located in Oulad Bourahma.

This ambitious project aims to meet the growing demand for logistics services in the region, driven by the presence of several industrial zones and a dynamic economic activity. The logistics platform will offer a modern and equipped space for companies operating in the transport, warehousing and distribution sectors.

A strategic location for optimal connectivity

The Oulad Bourahma logistics platform will benefit from a strategic location, close to the railway line and the main roads of the region. This favorable geographical position will facilitate links to the ports of Casablanca and Tanger Med, as well as to the inland of the country.

In addition, the proximity of the Kenitra free zone and the PSA industrial complex will be a major asset for the platform, attracting companies operating in these key sectors.

The Oulad Bourahma logistics platform will be equipped with modern infrastructure that meets the best international standards. Companies will find warehouses of different sizes, offices, outdoor storage areas, as well as maintenance and repair facilities.

The platform will also offer a full range of logistics services, such as handling, transport, storage and inventory management. These services will be provided by qualified and experienced operators, guaranteeing quality service to client companies.

A positive impact on the local economy

The development of the Oulad Bourahma logistics platform should have a significant positive impact on the local economy. The project will contribute to the creation of many jobs, both during the construction and operation phases.

In addition, the platform will encourage the establishment of new businesses in the region and stimulate the development of activities related to logistics and transport.

Furthermore, the logistics platform will contribute to improving the competitiveness of Moroccan companies by offering them high-performance and low-cost logistics solutions.

The Oulad Bourahma logistics platform project is part of the national strategy for the development of logistics in Morocco. This strategy aims to make Morocco a leading logistics hub in Africa and to strengthen the competitiveness of the national economy.

The completion of this project will contribute to achieving this objective by offering Moroccan and international companies a modern, high-performance and competitive logistics infrastructure.

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