Sénégal : The governance of Dakar presents the development project of the Rufisque-Port of Dakar road

Dakar, May 4 (APS) – The governance of Dakar and the Roads Works and Management Agency (Ageroute) presented, Thursday in Dakar, the project for the development and widening of the planned road between the port of Dakar and the city of Rufisque (west), the cost of which is estimated at 74 billion CFA francs.

”We are in the process of evaluating the occupations of the public highway. We are going to start the work very quickly, which will last twenty-four months […] The overall cost of the project is 74 billion CFA francs,” said the governor of Dakar, Al Hassan Sall, during a workshop of the project.

This cost takes into account the amounts planned to compensate the residents of the structure and clear everything that is on the route of the future road, according to Mr. Sall.

Industrial installations are located on the space planned for this nine-kilometre track, which will run along the ocean.

The structure includes two car lanes, two other lanes reserved for motorcyclists, two more for pedestrians, according to Elhadji Lèye Guèye, the project coordinator.

“The release of the rights-of-way will start shortly,” said Al Hassan Sall, without specifying a date.

“Now is the time to call on all the actors concerned, the State services, the private sector and the populations, to ensure that the release of the rights-of-way takes place within the indicated deadlines”, said underlined Mr. Sall.

The project to develop and widen the road linking the port of Dakar to the town of Rufisque is part of the work of “modernizing transport” in the region, according to the governor.

One hundred and twelve people having to leave their homes or businesses have been identified as a prelude to the release of the rights-of-way, Elhadji Lèye Guèye reported during the workshop.

”This matter is under control. It remains to assess the expenses. When an exhaustive assessment of the people impacted by the project will be made, we will have an idea of ​​the amount to be disbursed,” explained the Governor of Dakar.


source : APS

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