Digital disruption, a term now echoing in the business world as a true revolution. While digital technologies continue to transform our daily lives, their impact on businesses is even more profound and transformative. Among the many business functions affected by this revolution, procurement and supply chain play a central role. In this article, we will explore the impact of digital disruption on the field of procurement and supply chain. We will delve into the world of emerging technologies to discover how they fundamentally transform the way businesses manage their procurement and supply chains. As we progress into the digital era, understanding these changes becomes essential to remain competitive in the global market. Follow us in this exploration of the challenges and opportunities posed by digital disruption in the field of procurement and supply chain.

Impact of Digital Disruption on Procurement and Supply Chain

The impact of digital disruption on procurement and supply chain is profound and transformative. As businesses adopt new technologies and rethink their processes, this key function of business operations undergoes significant changes. In this article, we will explore in detail how digital disruption influences procurement and supply chain, highlighting key trends, benefits, and challenges that arise…

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by ABA Gil-christ Jéhovani –Logistics Specialist / E-Logistics Expert

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