The Managing Director of GAINDE 2000, Ibrahima Nour Eddine Diagne, participated, on December 30, 2021, in a virtual panel around the theme: “E-commerce: barriers and solutions according to ecosystem actors”. In his interventions, he analyzed the issues of electronic commerce and highlighted the challenges and perspectives of this subsector.

According to the administrator of GAINDE 2000 the issue of electronic commerce revolves around three elements.

First, it’s the services culture. In other words, do people have a culture of services to ensure that the products and services they want to buy come closer to them through more modern means. This culture of services, says Diagne, is becoming increasingly established.

The second level is the education on digital tools. As such, it is noted a super acceleration by the pandemic and even before.

Thirdly, it is the regulatory aspects that are not necessarily present, notes Ibrahima Nour Eddine Diagne.

According to him, the other dimension to be considered in electronic commerce is confidence in products. This notion of trust is also linked to payment. These issues around trust said Mr DIAGNE, are usually managed by available means, or even artisanal methods. On another note, Mr. Diagne points out that the flow problem referred to is generic in terms of traditional trade. Electronic commerce can provide improved responses. he indicates that:


“The notion of trust becomes a predominant effect at this stage”


According to him, there is an informal digital sector in e-commerce. All we can see on social networks, such as online shops, are not actually registered platforms. There may even be a danger because products that are unfit for consumption (cosmetic or food, medical or paramedical) are sold there,” warns Mr. Diagne. There is a need to regulate.

The authorities must act to control products sold online. E-commerce can be put with a voluntarism, this is what the Ministry of Commerce has tried to do through the e-Commerce platform. It is not enough to have a beautiful idea and a beautiful platform, it is necessary that all this meets a market dynamic», adds the AG of GAINDE 2000.


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