Senegal: CETUD Continues Its Commitment to Innovation in Urban Mobility with the Third Edition of the Innovation Prize

The commitment to innovation in urban mobility remains at the core of the priorities of the Executive Council of Sustainable Urban Transport (CETUD). The third edition of the Innovation Prize represents another step in this ongoing effort to encourage innovative technological initiatives in the field of transportation in Dakar.

This new edition, following a context rich in events focused on sustainable mobility, revolves around a critical theme: the creation of innovative web/mobile applications for public transportation in Dakar. Inspired by past successes, CETUD has devised stimulating thematic directions to encourage the creativity and ingenuity of participants. The previous two editions, centered on ‘Mobility and Environment,’ ‘Digitalization,’ and ‘Pandemics,’ have laid a solid foundation for this third edition, highlighting the importance of innovation in these areas for enhancing mobility.

The current context, marked by the modernization of the public transport system in the Dakar metropolitan area, demands innovative responses. CETUD has undertaken various projects to meet the commuting needs of the population, such as the renewal of the public transport fleet and the implementation of a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) pilot line. These initiatives are designed to provide efficient solutions while modernizing the transport system in the region.

The database developed by CETUD, using the ‘General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS)’ format, stands as a major asset for participants. These compiled data for existing transport networks will serve as the foundation for web/mobile application projects aimed at enhancing the user experience.

The goals of this year’s Innovation Prize are clear: to encourage developers to create high-quality applications, offering users relevant information on urban transport services in Dakar. The competition also represents an opportunity for participants to meet potential investors and expedite the development of their projects.

The application process is rigorous, ensuring a fair process for all eligible participants. Selection of winners will be based on strict criteria, emphasizing innovation, solution maturity, design, and user experience, among other key aspects. At the close of the competition, the three most promising projects will receive significant rewards, showcasing CETUD’s commitment to support and reward excellence in the field of urban mobility.

The winners will be rewarded as follows:

First prize: 3,500,000 FCFA

Second prize: 2,000,000 FCFA

Third prize: 1,000,000 FCFA

This third edition of the Innovation Prize represents a new chapter in the evolution of transportation in Dakar, providing an innovative platform for visionary minds to turn their ideas into concrete solutions.

It’s worth noting that the results of previous editions are available on the CETUD website, reflecting the ongoing commitment of this institution to innovation in urban mobility. To learn more about this edition and explore the outcomes of previous editions, visit This initiative is more than just a competition; it’s the path toward a more efficient and innovative urban mobility future for Dakar.”


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