Nissan Africa: New Leadership and Renewed Ambitions

Jordi Vila takes over as President of Nissan Africa, succeeding Joni Paiva who is rejoining the Renault Group.

Japanese automaker Nissan has announced the appointment of Jordi Vila as President of Nissan Africa. Mr. Vila replaces Joni Paiva who, after 11 years at Nissan, is returning to the Renault Group.

The appointment of Mr. Vila as head of Nissan Africa marks a new era for the company on the continent. With his experience and ambitious vision, Mr. Vila is well-positioned to lead Nissan Africa towards a promising future and sustainable growth.

A career rich in experience

With over 30 years of experience in sales and marketing, Mr. Vila has held senior positions at Nissan, particularly in Europe and Asia-Pacific. Before his appointment as head of Nissan Africa, he was Vice President of the Sales and Marketing Division for Nissan Europe.

Africa, a strategic market for Nissan

Mr. Vila said: “Africa is an important and strategic market for Nissan and presents many opportunities in the years to come. We have a strong local presence and I am confident that we will continue to leverage this expertise to offer exceptional products and services to our African customers.”

A positive track record and an ambitious vision

Mr. Paiva, who led Nissan Africa for several years, played a crucial role in launching popular new models on the continent, such as the Magnite and the iconic Patrol. He expressed his gratitude to the Nissan Africa team for their exemplary management of the challenges faced and highlighted the importance of Africa in Nissan’s strategies.

Nissan, a major player in the African automotive industry

Nissan is positioning itself as a major player in the African automotive industry, with a solid presence and a clear brand strategy. The company has a unified product range for the entire continent and relies on a local production and assembly network, with plants in Egypt, South Africa, Ghana, and Nigeria.

The promising future of Nissan Africa

Under Mr. Vila’s leadership, Nissan Africa is well-equipped to seize the growth opportunities offered by the continent. The company is committed to providing African customers with high-quality products and services, drawing on its expertise and in-depth knowledge of the local market.

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