KENYA: eWAKA Partners with Powerbase to Expand its E-mobility Solutions

The partnership between eWAKA and Powerbase is a significant step in the development of electric mobility in Kenya. By addressing the challenges of access to finance and charging infrastructure, it paves the way for wider adoption of this technology and a more sustainable future for the country.

eWAKA, a Kenyan electric mobility start-up, has announced a partnership with Powerbase, a financial and energy company, to boost the expansion of its e-mobility solutions in Kenya. This collaboration aims to remove barriers to the adoption of electric mobility in Africa by facilitating access to financing and charging infrastructure.

A Booming Market

Kenya presents a strong potential for the growth of electric mobility, with a growing young and urban population, and a government’s willingness to promote sustainable solutions. However, access to financing and charging infrastructure remains a major barrier to the adoption of this technology.

The partnership between eWAKA and Powerbase addresses these challenges by combining the expertise of both companies. eWAKA brings its market knowledge and cutting-edge technology in motorcycle and electric bicycle conversion, while Powerbase offers innovative financing solutions and develops charging infrastructure.

Concrete Solutions

The partnership will translate into several concrete initiatives:

  • Implementation of leasing and hire-purchase solutions for electric motorcycles and bicycles, allowing customers to acquire these vehicles without a significant upfront investment.
  • Installation of charging stations in major cities in Kenya, to facilitate the use of electric vehicles.
  • Development of awareness and education programs to promote the adoption of electric mobility.

This partnership is expected to have a positive impact on the development of electric mobility in Kenya. It should contribute to:

  • Reducing air and noise pollution in Kenyan cities.
  • Creating green jobs in the e-mobility sector.
  • Improving access to clean and affordable transportation for local populations.

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