African Development Bank Explores Groundbreaking Coastal Highway Project to Boost Liberia’s Economic Growth

In a recent meeting between a delegation from the African Development Bank Group and senior government officials in Monrovia, discussions revolved around the Government of Liberia’s ambitious proposal for financing a major highway that will span the country’s picturesque coastline. The proposed 444-kilometre coastal highway, set to connect Bassa County to Grand Kru County, holds the promise of delivering substantial economic benefits for Liberia while fostering regional integration with neighboring nations.

Following a formal financing request from the Liberian government, the African Development Bank’s delegation, led by Country Manager Mr. Benedict Kanu, Division Manager Mr. Jean-Noel Ilboudo from the Infrastructure Department, and the Bank’s Executive Director for Liberia, Ghana, The Gambia, Sierra Leone, and Sudan, Mr. Rufus Darkotey, embarked on a visit to further explore this transformative project. Liberia’s government was represented by Hon. Samuel D. Tweah, Jr., the Minister for Finance and Development Planning, and Hon. Ruth Coker-Collins, Minister of Public Works.

The envisioned coastal highway has the potential to be a game-changer for Liberia’s economic landscape. By improving transportation infrastructure along the coastline, it is expected to unlock new opportunities for trade, commerce, and investment, bolstering economic growth and job creation. Additionally, the highway’s strategic location is likely to enhance regional connectivity, forging stronger bonds with neighboring countries and contributing to a more integrated and prosperous West Africa.

The meeting between the Bank and the Liberian government proved fruitful, as both parties expressed their commitment to an ongoing and active dialogue. The aim is to collaboratively design the highway project meticulously, ensuring its smooth implementation once approved by the Bank’s Board of Directors. The project’s successful realization will be a testament to the power of strategic partnerships between regional governments and multilateral development institutions.

The African Development Bank, reaffirming its commitment to Liberia’s economic and social development, assured the country of continued support for this critical venture and other transformative projects. As the discussions progress, all stakeholders eagerly anticipate the realization of this ambitious coastal highway that promises to redefine Liberia’s economic future and strengthen its ties with the broader West African community.

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